Product Name: Aroma Salt Lamp 001
Product Code: PI-ASL-001
Product Weight: 1.5 kg – 10 kg
Product Dimensions:  Different height of each weighted Lamp.
Order Strength: We are qualified bulk suppliers.
Description: Oil Burners and Aroma lights are utilized with various fragrant oils. They come in electric light style with glass or metal plate and same is the situation with candles fit as a fiddle or created style.

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This novel Himalayan Natural Salt Oil Burner/Diffusers comes as Salt tealight holder and iron remain with glass plate which is incredible for basic oil and melts. With this oil burner you can appreciate the advantages of Negative Ionization and additionally the decision of your own aroma.

Salt precious stones lights are characteristic negative particles generators. Salt is normally hygroscopic which implies it normally pulls in dampness. The association of muggy air with the surface of a salt precious stone discharges negative particles. At the point when a salt gem is warmed marginally, it creates negative particles. To encourage this, a little light (generally 7 to 40 watts) or tea light is set inside a salt precious stone. In this manner, recall that any salt precious stone light or tea light holder under typical conditions will just produce negative particles when it is warmed by the inward light or tea light. The extent of the salt precious stone light and the states of the encompassing region, will eventually decide the brilliant impact of a negative particle release.

On the off chance that you have ever encountered the air at a waterfall, on a peak, at the seashore, or after a rainstorm, at that point you have encountered the aftereffects of negative particles and you know how the air smells fresher and how much less demanding it is to relax.

Himalayan normal salt lights can:-

Give help from roughage fever, asthma, sensitivities and sinuses related diseases.
Lessen pressure and sadness.
Increment mental readiness and focus.
Upgrade invulnerable framework.
Sanitize air.
Dispose of smell around from smoking territory.
Lessen EMF (Electro-attractive contamination).
Help in recuperating process.
Make mitigating, unwinding, quieting and invigorating condition.

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