Product Name: Candle Holders
Product Code: PI-CH-001
Product Weight: 0.8-1 ,1-2 Kg
Product Dimensions:  Pink Red, Reddish Orange, Light Orange
Order Strength: We are qualified bulk suppliers.
Description: Every single Salt Candle are hand mined and hand made in a socially and naturally capable way utilizing just the 100% finest Himalayan salt precious stones accessible.

Normal CRYSTAL SALT CANDLE HOLDERS exceptionally unique flame lights are hand-cut from shake salt precious stones mined in Pakistan, and exhausted out with the goal that a solitary tea light flame fits inside. The precious stone is translucent, so the tea-light candle fire delivers a wonderful shine. Notwithstanding filling in as a delightful, embellishing, and safe light holder, the Himalayan Crystal Light, when warmed by the flame fire, produces negative particles. These particles purify the air by evacuating dust, dust, dander, and tobacco smoke. The additionally counterbalance the destructive radiation created by PC screens, TV’s, and other electrical gadgets.

Pakistan Impex is one of the principle and very much rumored producer and Exporter for most noteworthy salt flame holder/tea lights. Our Salt Candle Holder or Salt Tea Light are finely made and produced using most astounding quality Himalayan Salt. Here you can discover both normal and in addition made salt precious stone tea light flame holders. We are giving a gigantic accumulation of salt lights and salt tea light flame holders. Creature molded salt flame holders are accessible here at shabby costs and also you can likewise discover the blossom formed salt tea light.

Our Himalayan salt flame holders make awesome increases to the home. Purchasing the Natural Candle Holder Set enables you to put various flame holders all through a space for an extremely appealing impact.

Delicately inhale and assimilate the one of a kind wonder and characteristic properties of this well established salt precious stone. Rev up your sentimentalism in the radiant glint

Perfect for your supper table or place anyplace you need to be encompassed by clean air

It makes for an impeccable blessing

The more you keep the flame consuming in the salt precious stone holder the better the emanation of negative particles

Numerous eateries likewise like our flame holders, as they utilize them for centerpieces on their tables. As the fire lights the salt precious stone, it makes a warm, sparkling, sound vibe.

The Natural Shape Salt Candle Holder is top picks for this application. The Heart Salt Candle Holder is enormous for Valentine’s Day and any day among those in adoration, while the Two Hole Salt Candle Holder is an extremely exceptional piece.

Pakistan Impex the main maker of the considerable number of results of the salt lights and salt flame holders like organic product molded salt flame holders for instance apple formed salt candle holder and created formed salt tea lights. In created formed flame holders you can locate the fantastic produced of sharp edge molded tea light, cross formed candle holder, precious stone molded tea light, heart formed flame holder, hexagon formed tea light, leaf molded tea light, common molded candle holder, normal salt tea light, cubed, star molded flame holder, wine molded tea light, triangular formed flame holder, cone formed candle holder, cone molded twofold flame holder, wineglass molded candle holder, Himalayan salt gems candle holder, blossom molded light holder, tortoise salt candleholder. Our organization has the gifted and expert laborers who give selective and alluring plans. Our fundamental concentration is giving the high caliber at the marked down costs.

Salt light holders give significant prosperity and health favorable circumstances for body, psyche and soul. Himalayan salt mines of Pakistan are the most well known salt mines everywhere throughout the world. We are the main salt lights producing organization in the Pakistan that fare best salt all through the world. We carefully produce our salt flame holders with other to a great degree effective, characteristic and natural parts to give you brilliant salt tea lights. Salt tea lights or flame holders the improvement pieces as well as use as healthy skin, oral care, air purifier and nourishments that proffer medical advantages to keep away you and your family and in addition pets from infections.



Common shape and created tea light/flame holders Carved from purest salt knots mined from Himalayan salt range.

Sizes: 0.8 ,1-2 Kg

Hues: Red, Reddish Orange, Light Orange

Pressing: 4 utilize internal, 7 handle ace container

Likewise accessible in Fancy and custom print bundling

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