Product Name: Duck Salt Lamp
Product Code: PK-DSL-024
Product Weight: As Required
Product Dimensions: Customize
Description: Pakistan Impex is producer and World Wide Exporter of Himalayan crafted salt Lamps. we have hundred of designs accessible in crafted salt Lamps. We gives the most superb quality Crafted Salt Lamps to you. Our Price for the crafted salt lamps is very reasonable.

Pakistan Impex is producer and World Wide Exporter of Himalayan crafted salt Lamps. we have hundred of designs accessible in crafted salt Lamps. we are Exporting our characteristic Lamps in USA and Europe, for example, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Poland and philippines. In creatures salt lights we influenced fish to shape, pooch, horse, All Birds, owl, pigeon, turtle , felines, and other Globe, Pyramid, Mushroom, Cylinder, Flower, Egg shape , Foot ball, Vase, Salt Lamps bowl, Salt Christmas Lamp, Salt light 3D shape, Flame Shape salt light and so on OR specially craft. gives the most superb quality Crafted Salt Lamps to you. Our Price for the created molded salt lamps is sensible . We are the best hand made salt lights make from Pakistan on the grounds that here is you can discover every one of the sorts of created formed salt lights at modest costs. We are the supplier of the excellent created salt gem lights at discount prices. Our most minimal costs are because of the wellspring of salt. Our manufacturing plant is arranged at the Khewra Pakistan that is the greatest wellspring of salt all through the world. is the greatest store of the created salt lights like creature molded salt lights, bloom formed and characteristic formed salt lights. trades Crafted Salt Lamps everywhere throughout the world. Hand created formed salt lights are our forte else you can discover all the common salt lights and even creature salts. Some made salt lights are fabricated or cleaned with help of machine yet the vast majority of the created salt lights are hand made. Principle reason for hand creating the salt lights is improving or embellishing the home or office. In the event that you are utilizing salt lights just for the sanitizing of air then you can utilize regular salt lights. Our specialists are continually endeavoring to discover new and chic plan and styles of the salt lights. Here at the you can locate the new and chic hand made salt lights.

Diffused smell improves the climate in any room, and Himalayan Salt Crystal Aroma Lamps take it to the following level, since they transmit stimulating negative particles when the gem shake salt warms up. Also, the generation of the Himalayan Salt Crystal Aroma Lamp utilizes no chemicals (it’s handwork, generally). Not at all like other improving (or family unit) items that are made of metal, steel, or surprisingly more terrible, aluminum, Himalayan Salt Crystal Aroma Lamps don’t contaminate and don’t drain common assets. The precious stone shake salt saves in the Himalayas are amazingly huge; at the present extraction rate it would take a large number of years to try and make an imprint in them.

Improve your home stylistic theme with these delightful and empowering Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Aroma Lamps. Place your most loved fundamental oil with water in the exceptional diffuser to add light and fragrance to your condition. Most loved fragrances incorporate diffusing the basic oils of Balsam Fir, Spruce, Rose or Jasmine (fundamental oils excluded).

Advantages of Negative Ions:

Today, we can’t envision living without electric gadgets that make it less demanding for us to work in the workplace and at home. Work stations, fluorescent lighting, constrained air ventilation frameworks, and present day building materials produce an excess of hurtful positive particles now and again alluded to as electric brown haze. Electric exhaust cloud weakens the nature of air, which contrarily influences our physical and passionate state.

You may have encountered the positive energy of negative particles when you were reproducing at a shoreline, strolling underneath a waterfall or through a pine backwoods. The air circling at the shoreline and in the mountains is said to contain a huge number of negative particles. “The activity of the beating surf or sudden spring storms make negative air particles. The particles are for the most part created by the activity of grandiose beams , lightning and radon from the world’s outside layer .

Precious stone salt lights produce negative particles by warming the salt gems. Whenever warmed, the salt pulls water atoms from the air to its surface and joins with the water, killing positive particles and their orderly contamination, and emanating the killed atom once again into the earth. A gem salt light goes about as a characteristic air ionizer, boosting the include of negative particles the air.

Logical investigations indicate gem salt lights can expand the negative particle tally up to 300%. Numerous Europeans and Australians know about the advantages of negative particles to our wellbeing and prosperity. Gem salt lights are an excellent, upkeep free, regular state of mind lighting elective from Mother Nature for enhancing air quality. With time, the gem salt lights don’t diminish in size, shading or shape, and don’t get more fit or their ionizing impact!


Salt precious stones lights are common negative particles generators. Salt is normally hygroscopic which implies it normally pulls in dampness. The connection of muggy air with the surface of a salt precious stone discharges negative particles. At the point when a salt precious stone is warmed somewhat, it creates negative particles. Keeping in mind the end goal to encourage this, a little light (typically 7 to 40 watts) or tea light is put inside a salt gem. In this manner, recall that any salt precious stone light or tea light holder under ordinary conditions will just create negative particles when it is warmed by the interior light or tea light. The extent of the salt precious stone light and the states of the encompassing territory, will at last decide the brilliant impact of a negative particle release.


On the off chance that you have ever encountered the air at a waterfall, on a peak, at the seashore, or after a storm, at that point you have encountered the consequences of negative particles and you know how the air smells fresher and how much less demanding it is to relax.

Himalayan regular salt lights can:-

Give help from feed fever, asthma, sensitivities and sinuses related ailments

Lessen pressure and sorrow

Increment mental readiness and focus

Upgrade resistant framework

Refine air

Dispense with smell around from smoking region

Lessen EMF (Electro-attractive contamination)

Help in recuperating process

Make mitigating, unwinding, quieting and invigorating condition



Handmade Salt Laps Carved from purest salt mined from Himalayan salt range.

Sizes: As Required

Colors: Red, Reddish Orange, Light Orange, Pink

Base Polished Wood, marble and Onyx

Cable: UK/US Standard Electrical Fittings

Bulb: Screw Cap 10,15,20,25 Watt

Packing: 4 ply inner, 7 ply master carton

Also available in Fancy and custom print packaging.

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