Product Name: Onyx & Marble Obelisk
Product Code: PK-OMO-009
Product Weight: 0.5 to 0.75 kg
Product Dimensions: 6″,8″

Pakistan Impex are fabricate, exporter and distributor provider of onyx monoliths hand carved Colored Patch Work Tukri Onyx characteristic stone statue mending properties home office style endowments .Nature talented an exceptional present to Pakistan, That is Onyx and Marble stones, which are found in piles of Pakistan. It is a sort of stone but since of its excellent hues and shades it is utilized to make lovely Handicrafts.

The Pakistan Impex is the world’s driving Colored Patch Work Tukri Onyx Obelisks exporter having some expertise in great Onyx and marble painstaking work. We offer the biggest choice of onyx marble painstaking work from the best quality on the planet alongside unmatched client items.

Shaded Patch Work Tukri Onyx Obelisks delightful bit of painstaking work is produced using a solitary bit of onyx or marble. An ideal case of painstaking work. Accessible in such a large number of onyx and marble stones in numerous hues. We are consistently building up our own particular styles and in addition creating styles sent by our purchasers. It takes us 3 to a month to prepare a request for shipment from Karachi, Pakistan. On the off chance that you have any request from the site, please let us know. It would be ideal if you feel no wavering to get in touch with us for any inquiries you may have.

These remarkable ornamental Colored Patch Work Tukri Onyx Obelisks , are created from marble, onyx and stone. Every common stone Colored Patch Work Tukri Onyx Obelisks has been flawlessly etched by hand from a solitary bit of stone. A great, one of a kind blessing or brightening home accessory.Expertly-cut from valuable stone, this flawless onyx creates is a heavenly expansion to our range. Each piece has been expertly created into the great plan. Hued Patch Work Tukri Onyx Obelisks is housed inside a velvet-secured introduction case with singular indents for each piece.

This impeccable Colored Patch Work Tukri Onyx Obelisks is a flat out delight. It is reasonable for an individual or corporate blessing. A valuable blessing individuals will recollect you for. So win more companions with this exquisite blessing, they will treasure. This item is made of onyx, which is a translucent, semi-valuable gemstone. It has a place with the mineral group of marble yet it is recognized by its fragile, wonderful hues and shades.

These novel Colored Patch Work Tukri Onyx Obelisks are cut and cleaned from most elevated quality Pakistani onyx. The kaleidoscopic surface of the stone makes a characteristic example of shading and tone which makes each individual piece an exceptional. Furious hues make examples of multi and differentiation over the surface of these forcing onyx marble makes. Smooth fix work shaded fix work hued mists are broken by groups of red, orange, and yellow, which detonate energetically to make a hurricane of shading.

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