Product Name: USB Chunks Bowl Salt Lamp
Product Code: PK-USB-035
Product Weight: 600g – 800g
Product Dimensions: As Required
Order Strength: We are qualified bulk suppliers.
Description: Rock salt Lamp is the best present for the Christmas and your friends and family. Hand Crafted Himalayan Salt with joined wooden or Onyx base, Bulb/Led, UK & USA Mains lead will all fittings(All electrical parts agree to European & USA security measures.

Himalayan Crystal Chunks Bowl Rock Salt USB Lamp.

This Small USB salt lamp is a PC/Laptop friendly salt lamp, beautifully hand carved by P.I (Pakistan Impex) expert craftsmen using the selected pink and white Himalayan salt rocks enriched with a Different RGB LED, USB cord and plug. Simply plug into the USB port of your PC/laptop. While your PC is on, this remarkable USB salt light decreases electro-attractive contamination impact and help to enhance your fixation and keep the air around you refreshing, spotless, ionized normally, and lively. Multicolor RGB LED in USB salt lights perfectly gleams in eye-getting hues between Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Violet and Orange which makes it an a characteristic Light Therapy (Chromo Therapy) light. It makes an alluring expansion to any home and workspace.

Size: 4″ Tall
(Since this item is a natural product, each is unique and exact size/shape/color may vary)

P.I manufacturers USB salt lamps in Heart shapes crafted Heart spheres spheres Mini Salt Lamps, RGB LED Lamps Manufacturers exporter Pakistan. We can also carve USB salt lamps in your exclusives customized designs.

Call us or e-mail for your any wholesale or bulk order direct from our factory in Pakistan.

Product Description

Material: Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt

Base: wooden/marble attached with LED Light and Usb Cord

Weight: 600-800 g

Color: Mixed Pink-orange-red-white

Packaging: Polythene wrap, inner carton and master carton, or as per your requirement.

We can also manufacture designs as per your request.

Buy Natural Crystal Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps for Christmas/New year and other festivals as well through out the year. Get it directly from the Manufacturer (Pakistan Impex) at Great Export Prices. We never compromise on Quality and timely delivery.

Hiymalayan Salt Crystal Healing Warm Glow Lamps Adds A Beautiful Glow To Any Room They Generate An Increased Balance Of Ions That Carry Positive Or Negative Electrical Energy In The Air That We Breath, Such As Televisions,Computers, Cigarette Smoke,Air Conditioners Amongest Many Others That Produce Ionisedair.
A Few Europeans And Americans Have For Quite Some Time Known About The Medical Advantages Of Salt For Generations(PROOVEN TO ENHANCE HEALTH & WELLBEING ), And Individuals Experiencing:

1. Hypersensitivities
2. Hypertension
4. Restlessness
6. Sadness
7. Physical And Phycological Disorderse. Being Emotional

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps Are Recommended By Feng Shui Experts And Architects They Are Made Of 100% Pure Crystal Salt Which Was Found Deep In The Ground Over 260 Million Years Old Which Gives Leaves The Salt Protected From Contamination During The Mining Process They Are Made By Hand In Small Villages With Highly Skilled Craftsmen Using There Family Skills To Produce Beautifull Lamps For Best Results They Are Best Left On Up To 24hours And Should Feel Warm But You Can Have Them On For A Couple Hours .
You Can Use The Himalayan Salt Lamp In:

>On A Table ( A Romantic Sugestion)
>Hotel Lobby
>Waiting Room
>Salon Or Spa
>Anywhere Where People Meet Or Gather
>Next To Your Pc Or At A Desk
>With Or Instead Of Normal Lampsdelivery

Regular White Salt Lamps Products:Determinations:
Regular Shape Salt Lamps Carved From Purest Salt Mined From Himalayan Salt Range.

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