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Product Name: Wrought Iron Basket Lamp
Product Code: PK-WBL
Product Weight: Customize
Product Dimensions: Customize
Order Strength: We are qualified bulk suppliers.
Description: Wrought Iron Basket Salt Lamp is a lamp with a beautiful iron basket OR Elegant Wooden Basket in different shapes and designs with salt chunks. A good looking table lamp use for both offices
and room. Easy to carry and in affordable price.

Its a lovely high quality Himalayan Crystal Handy Crafted press crate with 100% unique Himalayan salt pieces salt Lamp.

Bunches of studies and research demonstrates that Salt Lamps are astonishing things. These lights give to us boundless advantages. One of the key advantage of Himalayan Salt Lamp is Negative Ions which secure us against the Positive Ions around us.

When we exchanged on the salt light after while when it get warmed with its globule light then it begins its work. As a matter of fact when it get warmed then it begin tossing Negative Ions around us which are makes the adjust against Positive Ions and ensure us against Positive Ions.

Presently in current days Positive Ions are wherever around us. Its originates from TV, Microwaves, Mobile Phone Signals and so forth. These waves are bad for our wellbeing that is the reason we require salt light in bed room, living room, office and study space for our normally great wellbeing.

Himalayan salt precious stone items have turned into a critical issue in Central Europe inside the most recent six years. As a characteristic salt gems light, salt gem light makes a particularly brilliant lights as well as has an extremely constructive and significant impact on our own prosperity. Thus, Himalayan salt lights are prescribed by various Feng Shui specialists and in addition by eminent designers for enhancing our working and living conditions. Our Salt Lamps are mind and created in the Himalayan district, a region rich in the mineral stores that give our lights their interesting warm sparkle and alluring hues, Salt lights are produced using precious stones of Himalayan regular salt gems, which has lain subterranean for around 260 million years. It is conveyed to the surface from profundities running from 700-1100 meters by customary mining techniques which keep up the advantages of regular salt and which shield it from conceivable defilement . Once mined, the precious stones are molded totally by hand, not in a production line but rather in little town workshops where the exceedingly gifted specialist utilize their well established family aptitudes to deliver work of extraordinary regular magnificence. Since the majority of the work is completed by hand, and in light of the fact that the precious stones from which the lights are made are themselves variable, every light is one of a kind in configuration, shading and weight. The normal substances of salt precious stone decide the brilliant look of the gem. For instance, press grants a red tone and manganese contributes yellow and orange.

Advantages of Negative Ions

Today, we can’t envision living without electric gadgets that make it less demanding for us to work in the workplace and at bushel . Work stations, fluorescent lighting, constrained air ventilation frameworks, and present day building materials create an excess of destructive positive particles once in a while alluded to as electric exhaust cloud. Electric brown haze falls apart the nature of air, which contrarily influences our physical and passionate state.

You may have encountered the positive energy of negative particles when you were reproducing at a shoreline, strolling underneath a waterfall or through a pine woodland. The air coursing at the shoreline and in the mountains is said to contain a huge number of negative particles. “The activity of the beating surf or sudden spring storms make negative air particles. The particles are by and large created by the activity of vast beams , lightning and radon from the world’s covering .

Precious stone salt lights emanate negative particles by warming the salt gems. Whenever warmed, the salt pulls water particles from the air to its surface and consolidates with the water, killing positive particles and their chaperon contamination, and transmitting the killed atom again into the earth. A gem salt light goes about as a characteristic air ionizer, boosting the include of negative particles the air.

Logical examinations indicate gem salt lights can build the negative particle tally up to 300%. Numerous Europeans and Australians know about the advantages of negative particles to our wellbeing and prosperity. Gem salt lights are a lovely, upkeep free, normal mind-set lighting elective from Mother Nature for enhancing air quality. With time, the precious stone salt lights don’t lessen in size, shading or shape, and don’t get in shape or their ionizing impact!


Salt precious stones lights are common negative particles generators. Salt is normally hygroscopic which implies it normally draws in dampness. The association of damp air with the surface of a salt precious stone discharges negative particles. At the point when a salt gem is warmed somewhat, it creates negative particles. With a specific end goal to encourage this, a little light (for the most part 7 to 40 watts) or tea light is put inside a salt precious stone. In this way, recollect any salt precious stone light or tea light holder under typical conditions will just produce negative particles when it is warmed by the inner light or tea light. The extent of the salt precious stone light and the states of the encompassing territory, will eventually decide the brilliant impact of a negative particle release.


On the off chance that you have ever encountered the air at a waterfall, on a peak, at the seashore, or after an electrical storm, at that point you have encountered the aftereffects of negative particles and you know how the air smells fresher and how much less demanding it is to relax.

Himalayan regular salt lights can:-

Give help from feed fever, asthma, hypersensitivities and sinuses related sicknesses

Diminish pressure and wretchedness

Increment mental readiness and fixation

Upgrade safe framework

Filter air

Dispense with scent around from smoking region

Diminish EMF (Electro-attractive contamination)

Help in recuperating process

Make relieving, unwinding, quieting and reviving condition

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